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4 Reasons Why You Need the MacGill First Aid Kit

When we couldn't find a first aid kit that was right for our family, we built one ourselves. Now we’re excited to share the MacGill First Aid Kit with nurses and families across the country because we know that our kit has the supplies you’ll need when treating an emergency. Here are the four reasons why you need a MacGill First Aid Kit:


  1. It has unique, specialty products that can prevent a minor injury from becoming even worse that you just won’t find in common first aid kits. This includes items like a blood coagulant to stop bleeding, a burn dressing to soothe and moisturize burns and a glucose packet to treat low blood sugar.


  1. The kit has been specially curated to include the best selection of first aid supplies on the market like metal tweezers that work better by removing splinters quickly and with little pain, Coverlet flexible fabric bandages, aerosol wound wash, Neosporin, instant ice packs, aspirin and much more.


  1. Organized for convenience and speed in an emergency, all your supplies are in one spot, so you won’t have to rummage through a messy drawer. There’s even room for two Epi-Pens in the handle (the kit comes with a safety lightstick in the handle). The color coding system makes it even easier to find what you’re looking for:
    • GREEN – medicines including burn cream and sting relief
    • YELLOW – tools including scissors with a stainless-steel blade and metal tweezers
    • BLUE – liquids including wound spray and eye wash
    • RED – wound care including bandages and blood coagulant


  1. We offer easy and quick restocks online at the MacGill First Aid Kit website.  When you run low on frequently used items like bandages and gauze pads, there’s no need to buy a whole new first aid kit!


To learn more about the MacGill First Aid Kit, please visit www.macgillfirstaidkit.com.


To purchase a kit, please click here.

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