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It may seem as if the 2021-22 school year just came to a close but if they aren’t back already, students returning for the 2022-23 school year will be back in the bustling hallways, freshly decorated classrooms, and bringing all their aches, pains and health needs into the school nurse’s office in the blink of an eye.  The school health office should be warm, welcoming, and arranged in a way that ensures practical and efficient assessment of student health concerns, provision of care, adequate privacy, and sufficient supplies for the school nurse to deliver safe, evidence-based quality care.

While the size and location of the school health office may be outside of the school nurse’s control, it is important to advocate for a space large enough to administer essential functions of school health and is easily accessible to the entire school community, while also allowing for privacy, and when possible, proximity to administrative support.  Some states have “adequacy standards” for school health office set-up (check with your state’s school nurse consultant!) and the ADA requires school-specific handicap access, space, and equipment.  While collaborating with school or district administrators on creating a healthy, functional space, other important considerations include lighting, temperature, and ventilation.

Infection control is a fundamental component of health office setup.  School nurses should be proficiently and readily able to practice standard precautions, enforce good hand and surface hygiene, and ensure proper disposal of biohazard waste.  A sink for handwashing is imperative for infection control, as is a sufficient supply of soap and paper towels.  Additionally, furniture, flooring, and other equipment should be easily washable with appropriate cleaners and disinfectants.  Lastly, standard precautions, including personal protective equipment are critical to infection control and school nurses must have supplies commensurate with the student population.

Before the start of the school year, double-check the school health office inventory and ensure that essential supplies are stocked and ready for use.  Throughout the school year, maintain a detailed supply list for accurate budgeting, re-ordering, and future needs assessments.

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Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list but a good start to establishing a well-stocked health office to start the new school year.

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