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What You Can Do to Prepare for Emergency Evacuations

Emergencies happen. Whether there’s a fire, natural disaster, or gas leak, it’s going to be the priority of a school’s staff to safely evacuate all students from the building. No matter the size of the school, this is a big undertaking. And it can be further complicated when there are students that need extra care and support to exit the building and arrive at a safe location.

Emergency Evacuation Equipment
Students with disabilities, with an injury, or those who simply have difficulty walking or navigating stairs not only need an additional person(s) to assist their evacuation, but they may also need the support of equipment. Items like backboards, foldable stretchers, portable stretchers, transport chairs and wheelchairs can make a huge difference in moving a student from one space to another with ease. Not only will it help the staff assisting the student, but it will make the student more comfortable during a stressful moment.

Evacuation Plans & Preparations
Not only is proper equipment necessary to have on hand, but an evacuation plan is an invaluable tool to prepare for an emergency. Who will be responsible for assisting this student? What route(s) should they take during an evacuation? What training needs to occur to prepare for this evacuation support? How might this plan change after hours or on the weekend? These details can be worked out in a detailed evacuation plan with the school staff.

Another complication to evacuations is if they are triggered by a natural disaster. Initially, an evacuation might not be necessary, but students will need to be transported to another area of the building and/or shelter in place. When it comes to natural disasters, the CDC provides helpful resources on preparedness. Click here for detailed information.

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