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To the School Nurses: MacGill Is Thinking of You

All across the world people are experiencing unimaginable hardship that we could not have anticipated this time last year. While our normal end of school year activities are put on pause and we all work to bring an end to this pandemic, we wanted to check in on you, the school nurses.

All of us at MacGill have witnessed the dedication of school nurses and understand the physical and mental strain you experience in your typical day to day routine. Today, that physical and mental strain is even harder. Some of you may be heartbroken that you can’t be caring for your students. And some of you may be struggling to offer support virtually. No matter what, we know that you are continuing to care for others and are serving as a role model to your community. But caring for yourself is important too. During this time of social distancing, please don’t forget to:

Eat healthy meals, exercise regularly, meditate or do yoga, and get plenty of sleep. Try to use this time to recharge and strengthen your mind and body.

The world is primarily communicating virtually. But the internet and television can bring an overwhelming barrage of COVID-19 news. Even though it is crucial for school nurses to have the most current information, too much can take a toll on your mental health. Please remember to take a break!

Take this extra time at home to catch up on backlogged IHPs, sign up for an online class, or develop new health education materials. If you’re frustrated that you can’t be caring for your students now, think about all the ways you can prepare to provide them with even better support when life returns to balance.

Everyone, especially those working in healthcare, needs a distraction and some time for fun. Get your mind off of the news and take a trip to a virtual museum using Google’s Arts & Culture app, watch wildlife courtesy of the National Park Service, or start daydreaming about your next vacation. You deserve it!

When we finally get back to our normal routine and schools reopen, you will likely be taking care of students who have been adversely affected by this scary and confusing time. We’ll be there for you to provide you with the resources and products you need to support your school.

MacGill is disappointed that we won’t be seeing you at the conferences this spring, but we look forward to connecting with you later this year! In the meantime, please stay safe and continue to social distance. We’re sending our best to you.

The MacGill School Nurse Supplies Team

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