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What Are the Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Children?

Lately weighted blankets have become increasingly popular. In particular, children with sensory processing disorders can benefit from weighted blankets. Why? Because the physical pressure from the blanket helps the child respond more successfully to sensory input. If a child has a sensory processing disorder, he or she experiences proprioception, an awareness of the position and movement of the body.

The firm, deep pressure stimulation provided by weighed blankets gives a reassuring and cocooning feeling. In addition, the weighting material inside the blanket produces a lighter, stroking-like tactile sensation when you move. “This tactile stimulation, amplified by movements, even if small, may be the equivalent of a caress,” says Gaby Badre, M.D., PhD and coauthor of a recent study.

In other words, the deep pressure input a child experiences from a weighted blanketed distracts him or her from seeking stimulation elsewhere (which can sometimes be achieved with body rocking or bumping into objects).

In addition to weighted blankets, there are also weighted vests and compression vests or shirts. Children may also benefit from the tactile security of holding a weighted stuffed animal or engaging with weighted balls or bean bags.

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