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How to Wash and Store Reusable Face Masks

You probably find yourself stashing a face mask in your coat pocket, bag, and glove compartment – anywhere convenient so you have one at the ready at all times. In 2020, wearing face masks suddenly became a critical part of our day-to-day when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. And in 2021, that remains true. Studies continue to show that face masks help reduce the spread of virus-laden respiratory droplets as well as help reduce the inhalation of those droplets. You can click here to brush up on the effectiveness of face masks and why it’s important for everyone to wear one during the ongoing pandemic.

How Should I Wash and Store My Reusable Face Mask?

In this blog, we’d like to share some tips for properly washing and storing your reusable cloth face mask – which is equally as important as wearing it. According to the World Health Organization, reusable face masks should be stored in a clean plastic bag and be washed every day. You can add your face mask to your regular laundry in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can hand wash your mask with tap water and laundry detergent - make sure to rinse thoroughly!

According to the CDC, if your face mask is wet or dirty from sweat, saliva, make-up, or other substances, place it in a sealed plastic bag until it can be washed. It’s important to wash your wet or dirty face mask as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming moldy. It’s also important to note that wet face masks can be hard to breathe through and are generally less effective than dry masks.

More Face Mask Reminders

If you take off your face mask to eat or drink, simply place it in your pocket or a bag. Make sure to wash or sanitize your hands after removing your mask and after you put it back on again. Always remember to wear your face mask with the same side facing out. And if you are wearing a disposable face mask, remember to throw it away after one use, they are not meant to be reused for multiple days.

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