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A New Pair of Glasses is the Icing on the Cake

Enjoy the latest story in our “Henry Street” blog series inspired by our book “A Long Way from Henry Street.”

School nurses just like you are sharing stories about their experiences keeping children healthy and happy.

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This has been my first year as a school nurse. The joy I get from the students I attend to is the reason I do what I do. Sometimes there is extra icing on the cake. For instance:

We do hearing and vision screenings, and if a student fails, we refer them to an audiologist for hearing or an ophthalmologist for vision.

One of my little 4th grade girls that I referred for an eye exam came beaming in one morning and said, “Nurse Ginger look at my new glasses!”  I said, “oh my goodness, they are so cute on you!”  I told her how much I liked them and she said she did too because she can see everything a lot better now!

Such a reward for me to know that this little girl will be able to see everything in a different view now and do so much better in her schoolwork.

That’s my “Henry Street” Story!

Nurse Ginger Duncan - GIS

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