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Be prepared as kids (AND LICE) return to school

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, school kids across the nation should be back in classrooms by the fall. “We should anticipate, come September 2021, that schools should be full-fledged in person and all of our children back in the classroom,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the federal agency’s director, told ABC News.

As kids return to school after quarantine, some are sure to bring lice and nits along for the ride! Although most kids have stayed within an established pod of friends and family, over the summer it is likely that some will have participated in organized sports. Others will have attended summer camp or vacationed with extended family. As kids are reunited with friends they haven’t seen in quite a while, hugs and selfies are sure to occur. Creating the perfect opportunity for head-to-head spread of lice.

This renewed close person-to-person contact will bring with it the risk of a lice outbreak in schools. So, even though we have not had a “normal” routine for over a year, we must remind students and parents  what is necessary to avoid the resurgence of lice infestation among school children.

The only way to eliminate or prevent a lice and nit infestation is to physically remove them using the wet combing method. Wet combing is all about interrupting the lifecycle of lice. Removing live lice is enough to kill them, but you must also remove nits (eggs) to prevent them from hatching and perpetuating the infestation. The WelComb is the most effective tool for the job. Research (learn more here!) has proven that it’s the comb, not the chemicals, that consistently and effectively get rid of lice and nits.

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