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Love and Kindness Go a Long Way

Enjoy the latest story in our “Henry Street” blog series inspired by our book “A Long Way from Henry Street.”

School nurses just like you are sharing stories about their experiences keeping children healthy and happy.

 Read Megan’s story …

I have been a school nurse for three years with two of them during major crisis times including flooding of the Midwest and COVID-19. I can truly say that nursing school never really prepares you for these situations. I work mainly with self-direction and have learned that a true leader will continue to work hard for the greater good of all and never seek praise. This can be hard at times, but we must remember the true reason of why we became a nurse. I, like so many others, became a nurse to help others. But I was also always told, "You would be a great teacher." So, it only makes sense I would be a school nurse!

I never remember going to see the school nurse when I was in school, but I have learned the kids notice when you are present and remember that. Kids are resilient and I was encouraged in nursing school that the best way to go about your nursing career is to see the patient as your loved one and treat them the way you would want your loved one treated. I have adapted that to school nursing and have made some great relationships with students. I bring humor, love, truth, safety, humility, kindness and, to some, a consistent face when they don’t have many. I try my best to help those I see, and I know that school is tough and hard by itself, sometimes we each just need a little love and kindness to help us get through our day. I want students to know that they can always knock on my door, and I will be there for them.

Megan Brokaw, RN-BSN

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