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Make It Stick - Communicating Important Health Info with Stickers

When we think of supplies school nurses frequently use, we think of bandages, thermometers, ice packs, stickers … wait … stickers? Yes, stickers! While stickers may not stop the bleeding, reduce swelling or detect a fever, stickers have become a useful tool for school nurses.


Stickers are a wonderful way to help children celebrate milestones. A sticker that announces a lost tooth or how much a child has grown can help them feel special.

Educational Reminders

Nurses can hand out stickers that remind children to eat nutritious foods, like our Foodscape stickers, or how to properly wash hands. For example, our Hand Wash & Sing stickers remind children of various songs, like Happy Birthday or the ABC’s, that are the same length as the most effective amount of time for hand washing.


Nurses sometimes use stickers to communicate to other adults. Stickers can warn/remind other adults, both staff in the building and caretakers at home, to watch out for a child that bumped their head earlier in the day. Stickers can also be used to let staff know that hands have been washed or remind parents that hearing or vision was screened that day.

Equipment Labels

Stickers are not just for the students. Stickers can also be used to notify other staff members of the locations of important supplies, like bleeding control kits, or that an area is equipped with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

While stickers can be useful for many practical purposes, many nurses also value the simple smile stickers bring to children’s faces. Whether a sticker says “I feel better,” “I saw the nurse,” or just has a cute picture on it, stickers seem to bring joy to children, even when they’re not feeling well.

Pro tip: use a sticker dispenser to keep your stickers organized.

In celebration of National Sticker Day on January 13, 2022, bring smiles to children’s faces by handing out a few stickers today! Check out all the stickers MacGill has to offer.

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