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Hooray, Nurses!

In a poem about Florence Nightingale titled, “Santa Filomena”, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow captured the true heroism of helping those in need and the bravery and sacrifices of nurses, that withstands the test of time.

Honor to those whose words or deeds

Thus help us in our daily needs,

And by their overflow

Raise us from what is low.

In honor of National School Nurse Day, we want to thank you for all those you raise “from what is low”, for the “overflow” of care you provide and for the support you give through the endless hours, countless messes, myriad of ailments and amidst harrowing emergencies and global pandemics.  The daily interactions school nursing affords create a ripple effect beyond measure, but often, those caring so compassionately for others are in vital need of care themselves.  A career in nursing can be a rewarding but long and laborious journey, and it is imperative that nurses deliberately and purposefully attend to their own needs along the way.

The American Nurses Association states in their ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, “The nurse owes the same duties to self as others, including the responsibility to promote health and safety.” Research has shown that the people most susceptible to burn-out are “the dedicated and committed”, two qualities that unequivocally describe school nurses.  It is imperative that school nurses find time for self-care to avoid the pitfalls of compassion fatigue, moral distress and professional apathy.

Self-care provides the moments of joy, gratitude, peace and inspiration that will both refuel and restore the school nurse while sustaining their ability to best serve and support those in their care.  Self-care is multidimensional and comes in many different forms.  You may already practice self-care but might not even realize it.  Ask yourself, “When am I at my best?” and then consider how you can get more of whatever that is.  “How is my heart? How full is my spirit?”, these are questions that can realign you with the joy and passion that already lies within.  Identify those meaningful practices and activities and give the grace and space to incorporate them more fully into your life.  Allow time for reflection, curiosity, exploration and vulnerability. Your well-being is essential.  It is essential for your own personal health and vitality but also essential for the students, families and school communities in your care.

Commit today to providing yourself the same care, advocacy, support and compassion you so tirelessly give others.


Towards the end of Santa Filomena, Longfellow describes Nightingale as “a noble type of good, heroic womanhood”, and put slightly differently, this perfectly describes what it is to be a school nurse, “a noble type of good, a heroic livelihood.”  Heroes, yes, but humans too.  Whether it’s mindful meditation, deep breathing, physical activity, practicing good sleep hygiene, connecting with loved ones, scheduling time for leisure, relaxation or fun, care for your well-being matters and the health and wellness of your school communities depends on it.

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