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Professional Growth (and fun!)

School nurses are often the only healthcare professional in the school building and with the magnitude of their scope of practice and responsibility, the isolation can feel frustrating and, at times, overwhelming.  The feeling of drowning amongst the immense caseloads, endless documentation, and ever-changing public health policies and best practice standards is, unfortunately, commonplace for many school nurses.  One way to reset, restore, and mitigate the stress, tension, and uncertainty, is to connect with other school nurses, share experiences, gain support and receive helpful information and guidance to enhance the school nurse practice. Nursing conferences are a great place to find this revitalization and can provide school nurses with the opportunities they need to collaborate, engage, and celebrate.

School nurses’ time is valuable but the benefits of attending a nursing conference are worth it.

  • Professional Development and Networking–nursing conferences often bring together industry thought leaders and opportunities to learn about the latest research and advances in nursing. Network with professional nursing organizations and discover ways to potentially volunteer or explore job openings.
  • Continuing Education–almost every state board of nursing requires a specific number of continuing education hours in order to apply for relicensure. Conferences are a great place to often receive many, if not all, the requisite hours at one time.
  • Knowledge Sharing–new innovations, products, ideas, and technology are commonly introduced at conferences and conversations can commonly spur solutions to prevalent challenges.
  • Fun and Community–spend time with other school nurses who understand the frustrations and hardships but are driven by the same school nurse spirit of care, compassion and advocacy.


This summer, the National Association of School Nurses is hosting their 54th annual school nurse conference, “Connecting Health Equity and Student Success”.  The in-person conference takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, June 28-30, and MacGill will be there to thank you for everything you do.  Stop by, say hello, share your supply needs and school health office challenges, and tell us your Henry Street stories.  We are committed to supporting school nurses by providing all the products, resources, and information you need to continue the incredible work that you do.

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