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CPR Prompt™ 1 Adult/Child Manikin & 1 Infant Manikin Set

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CPR Prompt™ 1 Adult/Child Manikin & 1 Infant Manikin Set

Functionality (CPR/Choking): CPR and choking - Heimlich manuever and abdominal thrusts.

Material: Foam filled with blue Duracoat smooth skin finish - durable and long lasting.

Anatomical Markings:  Adam's apple, carotid arteries (for practice checking pulse), navel, rib cage, sternum, and substernal notch.

Airway Type: Disposable face shield/lung system - no cleaning or disinfecting.

Simulated Head Tilt: Yes, head tilt and chin lift required to open airway.

Chest Rise: Visible chest rise. Adult/child manikins click when learner performs chest compressions at the correct depth and in the correct location. Dial on back of manikins switches from adult compression depth to child compression depth.

Association Standards: American Heart Association®.

Accessories Included: 50 adult/child face shield/lung bags and insertion tool, 20 infant face shield/lung bags and insertion tool, and carrying case.

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years.

Size: Adult/Child: 28" x 13" x 6", Infant: 10" x 9" x 7".

Weight: Adult/Child: 2.4 lbs, Infant: 2 lbs.  

Latex-free: Yes.

Includes: 1 adult/child manikin, 1 infant manikin, 10 adult/child face shield/lung systems, 10 infant face shield/lung systems, insertion tool, and nylon carrying case.

This item ships direct from the manufacturer to customers within the 48 contiguous states. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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