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Shelter in Place Emergency Preparedness Backpack

Shelter in Place Emergency Preparedness Backpack

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Shelter in Place Emergency Preparedness Backpack

A uniquely designed Shelter-in-Place Preparedness backpack to protect, sustain and treat injuries for up to twenty persons during a potentially dangerous situation.  Be prepared and keep your group safe.


Preparedness Pack

1 Metal Door Jammer (Prevents Entrance), 1 Emergency Crank Flashlight/Radio/Phone Charger, 20 MayDay Water Packs, 4oz, 1 Emergency Whistle, 3 Rescue Blankets, 2 Dotted Poly-Cotton Gloves, 2 Rain Ponchos, 3 Tissue Packets, 1 Duct Tape Roll, 2" x 10ft, 4 Face Masks, 10 Aspirin Tablets, 10 Ibuprofen Tablets, 1 Deck of Playing Cards, 1 First Aid Guide

 Bleeding Control Treatment Pack

1 Windlass Tourniquet, 1 Banded Back-up Tourniquet, 1 Hemostatic Blood-Clotting Gauze Pad, 1 Hema-Seal® Trauma Dressing, 3 Trauma Pads, 2 Protective Nitrile Gloves, 2 Sterile Gauze Pads, 3" x 3", 1 First Aid Tape Roll

 Wound Care Treatment Pack

30 Fabric Bandages, 1" x 3", 30 Plastic Bandages, ¾" x 3", 25 Antibiotic Ointment Packets, 32 Alcohol Wipes, 9 BZK Towelettes, 5 Hand Sanitizers, 1 Conforming Gauze Roll, 2" x 4yds, 2 Sterile Gauze Pads, 3" x 3", 1 Trauma Pad, 2 Protective Nitrile Glove

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