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VIDEO: How to Remove Lice & Nits with the Wet Combing Method

When it comes to lice and nit removal, some parents and healthcare professionals can feel overwhelmed. Instinct might tell us to purchase a lice removal product claiming to kill lice and nits. But after extensive research we know that claim is simply not true. No pesticide kills nits.  The only way to eliminate or prevent a lice and nit infestation is to physically remove them using the wet combing method.

Why? Because it’s the comb, not the chemicals that gets rid of lice and nits.

Wet combing is all about using a comb to remove the live lice and viable nits from the head. Simply removing the live lice is enough to kill them and removing the viable nits prevents them from hatching and continuing the lifecycle.

To learn more about the wet combing method, click play:

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