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Keeping It Clean! 5 Products to Stop the Spread of Germs

Clean hands are the first step in preventing the spread of germs that cause illnesses and infections (for a refresher on proper hand washing, click here!). But it’s also vital to prevent the spread of germs in clinical settings. How? By keeping surfaces clean and disinfected.

Dust, soil and microbes on surfaces can all transmit germs and infection. But when surfaces are cleaned, those foreign materials are removed and the number of infectious agents is reduced, meaning the spread of germs is less likely.

And it’s not just surfaces that should be cleaned! Tools that school nurses use should also be properly cleaned with a disinfectant after each use. For example, the diaphragm of your stethoscope should be cleaned for 30 seconds and then allowed to air dry.

So, what disinfectants and cleaning supplies should you have readily available? Here’s a list of our recommendations:

  • Cleaning up bodily fluid, such as vomit, is very common in school settings. That’s why we sell convenient kits that include all the supplies you’ll need to get the job done.
  • To lessen the mess (and the spread of germs), stock up on sickness bags.
  • Disinfectants come in different formats such as wipes and sprays. They are all effective so you should purchase the type that you prefer to use.
  • To make sure you never run out of your cleaning supplies, consider buying gallon size refills.
  • You can never have to many towels and washcloths for cleaning surfaces and items!

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