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Ensuring Deaf Persons are Supported During the COVID-19 Crisis

The pandemic that we are currently facing is impacting us all in a multitude of ways. And if you have students with disabilities, they may be faced with additional hurdles as they navigate the “new normal”. For example, Deaf or hard of hearing individuals might not have access to important information.

Most public announcements made by the government have provided an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter so those that are deaf can be updated on current guidelines. But Deaf individuals also need access to vital tools and instructions so they can remain safe and healthy. As we all learn how to use a face mask, what the symptoms of COVID-19 look and feel like, how the virus spreads, and even how to properly wash our hands, we need to ensure that everyone has the ability to learn and adapt.

Students seeking resources for themselves and/or for a family member (or vice versa) can find over 20 ASL videos online from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These videos offer important information on timely topics related to COVID-19. Click here to access the videos.

If you would like to communicate hygiene and infection control practices in your school or office, click here to browse a selection of wall posters and educational materials.

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