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6 Ways to Proactively Prevent Poisoning from Household Cleaning Products

The current global pandemic is resulting in families sheltering in place at home. And with an increased need for sanitation, cleaning products have seen a large increase in sales with a 519% increase in aerosol disinfectants and a 243% increase in multi-purpose cleaners from March 2019 to March 2020. With all of these additional cleaning products in the home, the Illinois Poison Center reports that incidences of  exposure to cleaning products are up 30% compared to last year in the wake of coronavirus. The Washington Poison Center has also reported spikes in calls about household cleaning products and twice as many calls relating to hand sanitizer.

While it’s important to have these cleaning and sanitation products available for use in your house, it is even more important to take steps to prevent accidental ingestion and poisonings. Here are a few ways you can be proactive:

  1. Read the label before using a product and only use products according to the manufacturer’s instructions and intended use. Even if you think you know how to properly use a solution, always double check.
  2. Use the original bottles or containers, do not use food containers to store cleaning supplies. It’s best to keep cleaning products where they belong and not blur the line between food and chemicals.
  3. Never mix products together. You can’t be sure what the result will be and what impact that might have on your health and safety.
  4. Work in a well-ventilated area when cleaning so you are not breathing in harsh chemicals for extended periods of time. Open a window or turn on a fan to get air circulating through your living space.
  5. Choose products with packaging designed to reduce spills, leaks and child-tampering. Product design has improved dramatically to help prevent accidents. When shopping for supplies, pay close attention to the functionality of the containers and shop smart.
  6. Store products safely. Keep cleaning solutions away from food products and utilize child proof latches to reduce the chance of your children accidentally opening and/or ingesting harmful solutions.

If someone in your household has potentially been poisoned, call your local poison control office and provide the name of the substance and the approximate amount involved in exposure.

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