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5 Reasons to Choose the Optec® 5000 Series Vision Screener

Vision screening is one of the most important areas of preventive care that school nurses provide. It can mean the difference between a student’s success and their struggle to learn. But when it comes to purchasing a vision screener, it can be challenging to distinguish the subtle differences between models. We find that many nurses like the Optec® 5000 because it is most similar to the Titmus® OV-7 unit, which is no longer in production.

Here are five reasons why MacGill recommends the Optec® 5000:

  1. Minimal Time
    The Optec® 5000 can perform comprehensive visual screening in minimal time. It’s also known to be easily repeatable and accurate.
  1. Screen Under a Variety of Conditions
    The screener features two independent viewing ports, one for distance (20 feet) and one for near (18 inches) testing. It also includes monocular and binocular testing.
  1. Many Slide Options
    The Optec® 5000 can hold up to 12 slides and when purchasing the screener from MacGill, you can choose from one of the standard packages or customize your own sequence from a library of over 150 slides. The school screens include visual acuities, color and depth perception, and vertical and lateral phorias.
  1. Cost Effective
    The low price of the Optec® 5000 includes the screening instrument, slide package and rolling carry case. Plus, it offers a generous trade-in program when your screener needs to be upgraded or replaced.
  1. Remarkable Features, including:
    • Lightweight and portable with a built-in handle
    • “See and point” observation doors allows the screener to point to test targets on both sides of the instrument
    • Controlled lighting for the most accurate color vision testing available
    • Tilt/height activator ensures proper patient position
    • LED lighting system means you never have to change a bulb again
    • Homogenous illumination for the most precise lighting conditions in international vision testing standards

If you have any questions about the Optec® 5000 Series Vision Screener, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you.

To purchase an Optec® 5000 Series Vision Screener, please click here.

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