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What’s a MacGill A+ Choice Product?

As a school nurse, we know you’re always looking for the smartest products to fit your budget. And that’s easier said than done! To help simplify your shopping experience, we’ve decided to highlight MacGill’s A+ Choice products throughout our website and catalog.

But you’re probably wondering - what makes a product an “A+ Choice”?

Great Savings

We all know that brand names are often priced higher than less well-known brands. Sometimes that higher price is justified when it’s a high-quality product. But oftentimes products offer the same features and quality, regardless of the brand name. At MacGill, we know when you can get smarter with your budget and purchase a non-brand name product at a lower cost. Our promise: it will offer the same great benefits, but it won’t bust your budget. You can count on it!

Smart Buy

We’ve been in the school nurse supply market for decades, which means our staff is knowledgeable about the products we sell. We bring that knowledge and experience into play when selecting our A+ Choice products. We’re confident that even if an A+ Choice product requires a bit more of your budget, it’s a smart buy. In other words, it’s the best product you can get and is worth the cost for its quality and performance.

As you shop for products on our website and in our catalog, keep an eye out for the A+ Choice icon to make deciding on items from our wide selection even easier!

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