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I. Am. Batman.

School Nurses: Our Not-So-Dark Knights

Have you ever been mistaken for Superman? Wonder Woman? How about Batman? Retired school nurse Alison Inkley has. Her story, Batman for a Day, explains how this school nurse hero got mistaken for a fictional one. Enjoy her story below.

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Batman for a Day

When you work as a school nurse, every day brings surprises. You may go to work expecting to follow a closely laid out plan for vision and hearing testing and end up tending to a room full of vomiting kindergarteners or driving a teacher to get a broken ankle x-rayed instead.

During a monthly Safety Team meeting, we were working on the plans for the newly-established school’s second fire drill, which was scheduled for that day. A map for evacuating the older, sprawling building identified all the exits, but the VP suggested someone observe the process from the roof to get a more complete picture of the execution of the plan. For some reason, everyone looked to me as the right person for the job.

On this cold day, I wore my warmest black pants, black boots, black parka and matching black hat and gloves. The custodian, who looked doubtful about having me on the roof, led me through the back reaches of the building to a ladder that reached a skylight. I unlatched the light and climbed out onto the roof. Once there, I memorized the bubble shape of the skylight so I could find my exit after the drill.

When the fire alarm sounded, the brilliance of the vice principal’s idea was easy to see: I could see streams of children leaving the building from each exit, and bottlenecks and possible safety hazards were easy to identify. I wandered the vast platforms of connecting roof structures making mental notes.

When the drill ended, I looked for the bubble skylight that would take me down the ladder and back into my warm health office. Unfortunately, I had failed to note that there were several similar bubble-shaped skylights scattered along the roof. Eventually, I found the right one, much to the relief of the custodian, who was waiting to help me down.

That afternoon, during our weekly staff meeting’s shoutouts to staff members who went “beyond and above” that week, the VP praised my roof feat. The description of my efforts caused a first-grade teacher to snort and say, “now I get it!”

Here’s why: when her class returned from the drill, the students wrote short, nonfiction pieces as part of their study of the differences between fiction and nonfiction. One student wrote about Batman keeping an eye on students from the roof during the fire drill. When his teacher explained that his story was fiction, the student insisted it was true, and therefore nonfiction.

When you work as a school nurse it is hard to predict how you will end up spending your day. You might even get to be Batman for a few hours!


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Even if the students at your school do not confuse you with Batman, all school nurses are superheroes in their own right. Send your stories of times you’ve saved the day. And in the meantime, remember that according to Batman, “A hero can be anyone.”

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